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News blog18 October 20231 min read

Energy Agency of Plovdiv wins National Energy Globe Award for 2023

Plovdiv’s Energy Agency secured the prestigious National Energy Globe Award 2023 for their innovative POWERTY project. Equipped with advanced technologies this success story promotes self-consumption and reduces electricity bills in social buildings.

Photo by: Energy Agency of Plovdiv

In a remarkable feat of sustainable innovation, the Energy Agency of Plovdiv has clinched the esteemed National Energy Globe Award for 2023. This accolade, celebrated globally, recognizes outstanding achievements in environmental protection. With participants from over 180 countries, the ENERGY GLOBE award is a testament to the agency’s dedication to ushering in a greener, more sustainable future. 

Innovative Installations

The agency’s triumph came through their groundbreaking POWERTY project, executed under the INTEREG EUROPE initiative. This transformative endeavor involved the installation of rooftop photovoltaic modules and cutting-edge energy storage systems in three social buildings in Plovdiv, specifically designed as permanent homes for children with disabilities. 

These installations, equipped with photovoltaic modules, hybrid inverters, battery storage units, smart meters, and sophisticated monitoring systems, exemplify the pinnacle of sustainable technology.

Power Capacity

Notably, two buildings boast an impressive power capacity of 10kWp and a battery capacity of 34kWh, while the third building features 5.8kWp power and a 12kWh battery capacity. The estimated annual power generation is an astounding 14MWh for the first two buildings and 8.6MWh for the third, with an additional benefit of excess production, contributing approximately 2.5MWh per year per building back to the grid. 


The total investment for these groundbreaking systems amounted to 55,000 euros, a testament to the agency’s commitment to cost-effective sustainability. What makes this achievement truly exceptional are the state-of-the-art technologies incorporated. Real-time smart meters provide instant data, while a cloud-based system meticulously monitors and records information, enabling efficient energy consumption and the implementation of additional energy efficiency measures. 

This success story not only showcases technological progress but also highlights the agency’s commitment to social welfare. By introducing a self-consumption model in social buildings, the agency has enabled a significant share of renewable energy generation, decreasing electricity bills and actively contributing to the city’s decarbonization efforts.  


Publication date
18 October 2023