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News blog17 October 20231 min read

Energizing Communities: Tiszamente’s Innovative Path to Local Sustainable Energy

In Hungary’s Northern Great Plain, Tiszamente Energy Community returns energy benefits to the people. Powered by community-driven initiatives, this groundbreaking project it’s lighting the way toward a more sustainable and self-reliant energy future.

Photo by: LENERG Energy Agency

In a groundbreaking move for Hungary’s Northern Great Plain region, eight municipalities and two nonprofit organizations joined forces to establish Tiszamente Energy Community Nonprofit Ltd. in August 2023. This innovative initiative signifies a shift towards local and sustainable energy production, supply, and distribution methods. 

Community-Driven Energy Revolution 

At the central focus of Tiszamente Energy Community Nonprofit Ltd. lies the concept of community energy – comprising projects shaped by community participation, owned, and managed locally. This initiative ensures that the benefits of energy production, whether financial gains or energy for local initiatives remain within the community. By promoting small-scale energy production at a local level, this approach not only enhances self-sustainability but also fosters social cohesion, boosts local employment, and supports energy supply objectives such as diversifying sources and reducing dependency. 

One of the main objectives of the Energy Community is to enable participating municipalities to generate electricity cost-effectively for their institutions (schools, kindergartens, nurseries, community centers, etc.), even by establishing solar power plants through their investments. In addition to electricity, they aim to produce thermal energy in the medium term and, to ensure residents and businesses benefit from preferential energy supply in the long run. 

Innovative Energy Models in Hungary 

This initiative introduces a pioneering business model in Hungary, aligning with the concept of energy communities and non-profit corporate structures. The establishment of Tiszamente Energy Community Nonprofit Ltd. not only signifies a shift towards sustainable energy practices but also embodies the spirit of community-driven change. By redefining the energy production and distribution grid system, it empowers local communities, contributing significantly to Hungary’s energy security and sustainability objectives.


Publication date
17 October 2023