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News article7 May 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Empowering Local Energy Initiatives: ManagEnergy Master Class Dives into Financial Instruments

Unlocking financial pathways for sustainable energy projects across Europe, ManagEnergy's latest master class provided invaluable insights and practical skills for local energy agencies.

ManagEnergy Master Class #4

ManagEnergy recently concluded its fourth master class on financial instruments, marking another milestone in the journey towards sustainable energy projects across Europe. The class, held in a hybrid format from April 4th to April 30th, brought together a diverse group of participants representing local public authorities and energy agencies from various European countries.


Kickoff: Online Session

The master class commenced with an engaging online session on April 4th, setting the stage for collaborative learning and knowledge exchange. Josip Čengija from REGEA delivered an introductory presentation on PPP, EPC, and PPA for energy efficiency projects, stimulating discussions on project financing and risk management.


Face-to-Face Session in Brussels

The momentum continued with a face-to-face session in Brussels on April 16th and 17th, featuring presentations by industry experts and insightful discussions on financial mechanisms. Participants actively engaged in practical exercises and case studies, analyzing various financial models and their applicability to real-world projects.

Energy Agencies have a crucial role to support local and regional authorities to implement sustainable energy investment projects.

Dinis Rodrigues, European Investment Bank

Practical Exercises and Case Studies

ManagEnergy Master Class #4

Participants actively engaged in practical exercises and case studies, analyzing various financial models and their applicability to real-world projects. Josip Čengija elucidated the Smart EPC concept, emphasizing the importance of communication, market consultations, and value-for-money calculations in project preparation. Attendees also explored PPPs and PPAs for building retrofit and RES projects, gaining hands-on experience in risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

It is easier to fund a project of 50 million euros than a project of 2 million euros. This can seem strange, but these are the logics of financing.

 Josip Čengija, REGEA (ManagEnergy Trainer)


Closing Session

The master class concluded with a final online session on April 30th, where participants presented their homework assignments and discussed case studies of successful investment programs, including PRODESA and BundleUp NEXT. Trainers provided valuable feedback and insights, reinforcing key learnings and highlighting the importance of breaking away from a "grants addiction" mindset.

This Master Class is a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from across Europe that have the same challenges and ambitions related to energy efficiency, but also to replicate learning and experiences in our own country.

Camille Linda Sciequan Revuelta, Ávila Province Energy Public Agency (ManagEnergy participant)


Looking Ahead

ManagEnergy Master Class #4


As participants depart with newfound knowledge and skills, ManagEnergy remains committed to empowering local energy initiatives across Europe. With future master classes on the horizon, the journey towards a sustainable energy future continues, fueled by collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication.


Join the Movement

Are you passionate about driving positive change in your community? Stay tuned for upcoming master class opportunities and join us in shaping the future of sustainable energy. 


Watch the videos

Discover the atmosphere of the face-to-face session in the two videos below:


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