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News blog28 March 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Come upon a green-tech innovator: Mariia Alipatova, CEO & Founder of Solar Optic

Welcome to the Season 2 of the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders Podcast! In this fifth episode, you will be introduced to Mariia Alipatova, CEO and founder of the start-up Solar Optic.


Mariia’s journey and ambitions

With 3 master degrees in mechanical engineering, finance and material science, Mariia Alipatova managed to unveil her ideas through different programs and contests. For instance, she is the winner of a hackathon in Germany, an event that brings experts together and creates a collaborative environment for solving a given specific problem. It provided Alipatova financial support to pursue her vision of cleantech. Furthermore, she went on an Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs in Sweden, which allowed her to gain experience in the mass production of a specific technology. As a result of this program, she was recognized as the winner of the 2023 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Innovator Awards.

Solar Optic, an innovative start-up attached to its roots

Solar Optic was formed in 2021 with an innovative system using solar power for building illumination. In simple terms, sunlight is delivered into open spaces with transparent and heat resistant cables distributing light on long distances. Despite having only four members and not generating any income, Mariia remains motivated and willing to support her country in the transition to sustainable technology.

Winner of the EIT Jumpstarter Grand Final, Mariia Alipatova has succeeded in the development of her technology in Ukraine, her home country. Solar Optic helps factories with illumination during daytime, protecting them from blackouts caused by the current conflictual situation. However, the main challenge she faced is to convince Ukrainian companies that green-tech is the solution and will be the future. Alipatova affirms that time is needed to reach a sustainable energy consumption. Nevertheless, Ukraine and Europe started to consider green-tech as manufacture strongly relied on gas, coal and oil before the energy crisis.

Mariia Alipatova’s vision

According to Mariia, climate leaders help their countries and encourage generations in the use of environmental technology to become independent from resources, including fossil fuels. Her advices to young people are clear and meaningful: “Do not be afraid to be an innovator, a leader.” And one can never achieve anything alone, select your team wisely!

Listen to the full podcast episode and explore more stories of impactful individuals leading Europe’s climate transition. Through interviews and compelling narratives, Season 2 of the REMARKABLE Climate Leaders Podcast invites you to witness firsthand the passion and determination driving these leaders forward!

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