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News article23 October 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

The 8th Call For The European Climate Initiative (EUKI)

Are you interested in European Climate Initiative (EUKI) funding? The 8th EUKI call for project ideas is open and will run from 27 November 2023 to 15 January 2024. Read the financing information on the last call for project ideas to get an overview.

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The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) launched its 7th European Climate Initiative (EUKI) call, and it runs from 27 November 2023 to 15 January 2024. Read the financing information on the last call for project ideas to get an overview. It seeks innovative projects that contribute directly to European climate goals, emphasizing quantifiable results such as emissions reductions and deepening understanding of EU climate and energy transformation and its tools. This article provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the EUKI funding application process, outlining the eligibility criteria, project areas, and steps to secure funding. 

Funding Overview 

The EUKI offers financial support to projects that promote cross-border climate action in Europe across six topics:  

  • Climate-Neutral Mobility 
  • Climate Policy 
  • Carbon Removals and Sinks 
  • Energy Transition and Climate-Neutral Buildings 
  • Just Transition 
  • Sustainable Economy  

Projects are expected to run from November 2023 to March 2026, lasting between 18 and 29 months.  

Project financing is granted based on necessary expenditures and ranges from €120,000 to €1,000,000. A maximum of 11% of direct expenditure is eligible for administrative overheads. Project financing should be utilized for non-profit activities to avoid market competition distortion. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Your organization is eligible if it is: 

- Non-governmental organization (NGO) 

- Regional or local authority 

- Non-profit enterprise 

- University or educational institution 

Additionally, your organization must be headquartered in an EU member state or one of the EU candidate countries or potential candidate countries, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, or Serbia. 

Application Process 

Step 1: Submit a Project Outline: 

- Provide a detailed overview of your project, outlining challenges, goals, and necessary actions. 

- Application documents can be found in the official EUKI guidelines. 

- All project outlines are evaluated based on predefined criteria. 

Step 2: Submit a Complete Project Proposal: 

- If your project outline is accepted, you'll be invited to submit a comprehensive project proposal within a specified timeframe. 

- Detailed guidelines and necessary documents can be found in the EUKI Project Proposal Development Package. 

Upon acceptance, you can begin implementing your project activities. Simultaneously, you initiate the financial management of the project. 


Securing funding for your climate action project through EUKI is a structured process that requires careful planning and adherence to guidelines. By understanding the eligibility criteria, focus areas, and application steps outlined in this guide, your organization can take significant strides toward creating a sustainable impact on climate change in collaboration with EUKI's support. The For Projects page provides essential information and tutorials for managing your project effectively. 


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