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News blog5 May 2023

Kehoe Ketripack Case Study : SEAI BEC Programme

Kehoe Ketripack Case Study : SEAI BEC Programme

Philip Kehoe : “The 30% grant really made the project viable, along with substantial energy savings, it’s helping our farm to be more sustainable and helping us play our part in reducing carbon emissions”

Meet Philip Kehoe, alongside his father Francis they own Kehoe’s Ketripack, the agri-business side to Kehoe’s Potato farm in Co. Wexford. Kehoe’s Ketripack were spending upwards of €2,443 a month on electricity alone. This was from the processing, storage, and packaging of their animal feed products. Kehoe’s Ketripack hoped to lower this by adopting greener energy and more efficient lighting.

With the help of 3cea and the SEAI Better Energy Communities (BEC) promgramme, Kehoe Ketripack were able to benefit from 30% funding towards energy efficiency improvements. To meet the challenge, 3cea installed 40KWp Solar PV modules and upgraded 103 energy-efficient light fittings.

The results speak for themselves:

  • 28.688 Tonnes of CO2 avoided annually – equivalent to 6 cars driven annually!
  • €11,340 annual savings
  • 86,566 kWh energy savings – Equivalent to 20 households annual energy use!

The team at 3cea coordinated the entire BEC application from the initial energy audit, procurement to warranty checks, and all required paperwork. Taking the stress out of the project for Kehoe’s Ketripack to focus on what they do best.


If you are inspired by this project or If you own a family farm or other farm enterprise, and would like to follow in the footsteps of Kehoe’s Ketripack in becoming more sustainable under the SEAI Better Energy Communities programme, send us a brief overview of the project to the 3CEA Agency. 


Look at the video 3 Counties Energy Agency - Kehoe Ketripack Case Study : SEAI BEC Programme | Facebook 


Publication date
5 May 2023