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News blog18 April 2023

Green energy investments – Energikontor Norr [SE]

Green energy investments – Energikontor Norr [SE]

“Green Energy Investments” is a regional project managed by the North Sweden Energy Agency. The project has been supporting new business ideas within sustainability and renewable energy in the County of Norrbotten with the goal of increasing their success rate. More than 100 business ideas were submitted by researchers, existing companies and new entrepreneurs. Out of these submissions, the top 10 most interesting ideas were selected. The field of work of those business ideas vary from sustainable construction, wind power and production of solar electricity, biocoal, biocomposites and biogas...

Each idea has been assessed on several parameters such as: technology, sustainability, business and market potential, effects on regional growth, gender equality etc. The assessment was carried out by
energy experts, business developers and financial advisors. The 10 selected ideas were invited to participate in a business development process with the goal of preparing them for investments, or in other
ways secure funding in order to take the next step in their process. In the end, eight business ideas made it through the whole process and they are now better prepared for their future development.

An additional outcome of the project has been the model configuration as well as the spread of information about the project. Other achievements include an investment guide, a step-by-step handbook,
for entrepreneurs and business advisors in other organizations helping new start-up companies with a sustainable approach. The guide covers information and guidance related to most aspects of setting up
a new business and implementing sustainability in all aspects, social, financial and environmental. Finally, the project strives to involve regional political decision makers and corporate representatives in the future development of the region’s renewable energy resources.




Publication date
18 April 2023