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News blog18 April 2023

Generating energy savings in County Hospital Dr. T. Bardek [HR]

Generating energy savings in County Hospital Dr. T. Bardek [HR]

The Regional Energy Agency North, REA Sjever, started in 2014 the long-term energy retrofitting of the General County hospital Koprivnica into an energy efficient hospital.
A total of € 920.000 worth projects was completed over the last three years, among others the solar thermal collector plant installation, 5 partial envelope energy retrofittings and the reconstruction of a boiler plant for centralised heating and steam production. The last one has been completed in May 2017 and it resulted with first significant energy savings this year.
The hospital achieved an average of 44% less natural gas consumption (in [kWh]) compared to an average consumption before reconstruction between 2012 –and 2016. The comparison is based on a consumption for three summer months, when only steam and hot water production was active. Therefore, the results are reliable, as more savings are expected with winter approaching. This represents one more showcase which testifies that hospitals are among best candidates for energy saving projects.

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18 April 2023