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News article14 September 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

EU Building Stock Observatory: Enhancing Energy Efficiency Monitoring Across Europe

The European Commission has launched an enhanced version of the EU Building Stock Observatory (EU BSO), a web tool for monitoring building energy performance and decarbonization in the EU. 

Credit by: European Commission

The European Commission has unveiled an upgraded version of the EU Building Stock Observatory (EU BSO), an essential web tool designed to monitor the energy performance and decarbonization progress of buildings throughout the European Union. Since its launch in 2016, the EU BSO has undergone substantial improvements, offering more robust data, superior data visualizations, and a more user-friendly interface, with continuous enhancements on the horizon. 

This renovation marks a significant step in consolidating the EU BSO as a central repository for European building stock data. Notably, it will play a pivotal role in enhancing transparency regarding energy efficiency within the EU's building stock, aligning with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive


The platform's update is guided by two primary objectives:   

1. Comprehensive Utility: The EU BSO aims to serve the entire policy cycle, from setting effective targets to implementing, monitoring, and evaluating energy efficiency initiatives, both nationally and at the EU level. 

2. Enhanced User Experience: The user interface has been revamped to ensure accessibility for a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including policymakers, investors, financial institutions, construction and real estate industry players, energy providers, local authorities, and researchers. 


It aims to be a central repository for European building data, enhancing transparency in energy efficiency. The update focuses on comprehensive utility and improved user experience. End-user engagement is crucial for the platform's success. Interested parties are encouraged to subscribe to the BSO newsletter to stay updated on the project’s progress. 


EU BSO aligns with EU climate goals and updates in energy efficiency legislation. Since its inception in 2016 as part of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package, the EU BSO has witnessed significant policy changes in energy-efficient buildings. The EU Climate Law, under the European Green Deal, mandates net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with a focus on the building sector's role. Initiatives like the Renovation Wave underscore the pivotal role of the building sector in achieving climate neutrality. 

The "Fit for 55" Package, targeting a 55% reduction in emissions by 2030, involves updates to key EU legislation, including the Energy Efficiency Directive and Renewable Energy Directive, both agreed upon, and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, nearing final negotiations.