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News article29 August 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

- Empower Innovation: Apply for New European Bauhaus Mission Board!

The European Comission has extended the deadline for New European Bauhaus Mission Board Members.  Top experts from diverse fields are invited to contribute, fostering collaboration from EU and beyond. Apply until the 15th of September (12:00 CEST).

Photo by: New European Bauhaus
Photo by: New European Bauhaus

The European Commission is seeking for experts for the advisory Mission Board supporting the EU Mission on the New European Bauhaus. The Mission Board's call deadline for applications is 15 September 2023 by 12h00 (Brussels time). Main task will be to guide the European Commission in developing a potential future New European Bauhaus Mission proposed on 19 July 2023. The Mission Board will offer advice on the necessary research and innovation content to achieve the mission's objectives. The Chair and members are appointed for their expertise, independence, and commitment.

These missions aim to create transformative impacts in societal, economic, and environmental aspects. They align with EU policy goals such as the European Green Deal and Sustainable Development Goals. It seeks to enhance neighborhoods' sustainability, inclusivity, and aesthetics by 2035, promoting social acceptance of green policies.


Who can apply?


The Mission Board of the proposed EU Mission on the New European Bauhaus shall be composed of up to 15 independent high-level individuals with proven knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise, appointed in a personal capacity who shall act independently and in the public interest.

The Commission is seeking to create a balanced team of high level individuals with diverse profiles which should cover several domains from business, public administration, science, research and innovation, culture, citizen engagement, and civil society organisations, from across Europe and beyond.


The Commission will take the following generic criteria into account when assessing


  • experience to work across sectors and scientific disciplines in a systemic way, and at

European and international level;

  • willingness and capability to commit to the board's work over the foreseen period;
  • proven experience for communicating with a broad range of stakeholders and citizens;
  • absence of circumstances that could give rise to a conflict of interest;
  • good knowledge of the English language allowing active participation in the discussions.


In addition to the generic criteria above, the Commission will take the following specific

criteria for the Mission Board into account when assessing applications:

Experience in at least one of the following areas: research and innovation, monitoring &

evaluation; (innovation) procurement; advocacy, communications & citizen engagement;

digital services, machine learning and use of data; knowledge translation, innovation and

evidence-informed policymaking.


In addition, experience in at least one of the following fields:

Architecture and civil engineering (incl. sustainable and green architecture, adaptive reuse

and historic preservation, smart buildings and home automation); spatial planning (incl.

landscape architecture) governance and development; entrepreneurship and venture capital;

social sciences; culture and creative industries and sectors; emerging industries; research &

innovation; climate, energy and natural resources, circularity and regeneration; ecosystem

services and nature-based solutions; public health and well-being in cities; urban resilience;

social impacts of climate change.


How can you apply?  


Interested individuals shall submit their application in the online survey management system EUSurvey - Survey ( by 12h00 (Brussels time) on 15 September 2023.

The date and time of submission will be automatically established by the website when the online application form is submitted. Applications submitted later than the above date or which are incomplete will not be considered.

Applications must be completed in one of the official languages of the European Union. If another language is used, it would be helpful to include a summary of the application in English.


Supppoorting documents:

  • Cover Letter explaining the applicant's motivation for answering this call and stating what contribution the applicant could make to the Mission Board;
  • Classification Form duly filled in specifying the member category (i.e. applying to proposed EU Mission on New European Bauhaus) for which the application is made (Annex I).
  • Selection Criteria form duly filled in documenting how the applicant fulfils the selection criteria listed in chapter 4 of this call (Annex II).

Each application shall include the following documents with the online-application:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV) shall also be provided, preferably not exceeding three pages. All CVs shall be submitted in the European format.


  • Declaration of interests (’DOI’)


Still in doubt? Find more information here.



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29 August 2023
European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
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