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News blog19 April 2023

EAZK: Developing smart 3D energy management in the Zlín Region

EAZK: Developing smart 3D energy management in the Zlín Region

Thanks to the involvement in the international BOOSTEE-CE project, the Energy Agency of the Zlín Region (EAZK) aims to achieve a long-lasting positive impact on Energy Efficiency in public buildings through its activities in promoting energy efficiency, smart metering and energy management.

In order to achieve such goal, the partnership created the OnePlace web platform, where the project results and outcomes are collected and presented to experts and to the general public in a clear and illustrative way.

OnePlace web platform offers four modules which present different aspects of the energy efficiency topic: management, best practices, energy efficient household utensils, contractors and financial guidelines.

The Living Energy Marketplace module promotes relevant online databases helping to navigate amongst all kinds of different energy efficiency measures and electronic devices. The Experts database contains for each participating country (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia) relevant information about experts implementing energy efficiency measures and it will be open to qualified contractors who can carry out energy efficiency investments.

The 3D Energy Management System module (3D EMS) is a webGIS viewer that allows its users to navigate a 3D urban environment, select a building of interest and retrieve energy-related information, such as energy audit, cadastral/building data, thermal images, etc. The 3D EMS aims to harmonize different data sources in one database and visualize them within the OnePlace platform. The main advantage of the 3DEMS over more traditional applications is its simplicity and intuitive online solution that building operators, energy planners and municipality staff can use everywhere and every time without the need for special equipment. EAZK is testing and validating 3D EMS in their pilot areas, presented in the online viewer.

Energy Efficient Cities module enables exchange of experience and good practices within the energy efficiency sector for public authorities, municipalities and other public actors; it collects a range of approaches and measures that various European cities had used to undertake efficiency improvements and thus helps to guide cities in designing effective urban energy efficiency policies and programs.

Financing Energy Efficiency module is an attractive visual presentation of transnational strategy outcomes (financial road map), examples of best practices and practical steps to use national and EU-level resources. The module will assist local authorities and public bodies at their engagement in financing energy efficiency by presenting methods of financing energy efficiency investments and transferring them into Energy Efficiency Roadmaps of the participating regions.


Publication date
19 April 2023