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News blog19 April 2023

Deep energy renovation of eight buildings in Celje [SI]

 Deep energy renovation of eight buildings in Celje [SI]

KSSENA, the Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region, offered support to the Municipality of of Celje in the process of deep energy renovation, from project preparation and design to the implementation of proposed measures. The goal of the project is the energy renovation of buildings in order to make them compliant with sectoral legislation, guidelines and rules. The measures presented are optimal solutions, carefully selected and defined according to the current state of the buildings. The energy saving potential and the sense of comprehensive energy renovations were carefully defined, so the presented data has been the basis for the decision to finance deep energy renovation through energy performance contracting.

The proposed list of buildings for deep energy renovation, consists of buildings where potential energy savings are the highest, according to the amount of investment. An important selection criteria was also the use of the building.  In most cases they are used by educational institutions, and thus have a particularly profound effect on increasing the awareness of the need to save energy.

The final selection of the eight buildings was defined based on the offer of the selected energy contracting company. In this process, KSSENA was responsible for carrying out the energy audits and a pre-feasibility study.

The Municipality of Celje then published a public tender to search for the energy renovation contractor with the energy contracting instrument. Two candidates applied: Energetika Celje, d. o. o. and Petrol d. d. and the best bidder - Energetika Celje, d. o. o. - was selected through a competitive dialogue.

An initial offer was the basis for amended and expanded energy audits as well as amended investment programs. Total investment costs for deep energy renovations are 4.054.573,16 EUR, and financial sources are split among: Private partners’ budget, such as the Energetika Celje, d.o.o. and the Municipality of Celje, ELENA grants for preparation of investment documentation and Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia (EU and national funds). [Slovenian]



Picture: Deep energy renovation of Celjski Dom (this building is under cultural heritage protection and energy renovation presents an additional challenge) . © Boštjan Krajnc


Publication date
19 April 2023