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News blog18 April 2023

Boosting EE in Zlín Region through Smart Energy Management [CZ]

 Boosting EE in Zlín Region through Smart Energy Management [CZ]

Energy efficiency in public buildings is among the main tasks for the Energetická agentura Zlínského kraje, EAZK. By joining the international project BOOSTEE-CE, a new and innovative approach in this field will be implemented in the Zlín Region. Indeed, this project will develop and implement technical solutions, strategies, management approaches & financing schemes to achieve higher Energy Efficiency (EE) in public buildings.

Six public buildings of the Zlín Region are included as pilot project buildings of the action, including the construction of a new hospital with nearly-zero energy demand standard, and the modernisation of five school buildings.

Higher energy efficiency in public buildings will be achieved through transnational cooperation and by using geospatial data, smart energy management tools and energy audits in order to facilitate the implementation of Energy efficient buildings.

EAZK will provide the technical support in all phases of the implementation, including the introduction or improvement of existing energy management, staff training and development of programming tools to evaluate data outputs, financial analysis and management of the investment.

The technical activities of BOOSTEE-CE will deliver a web-based platform (named OnePlace), founded on 3D building models and energy information. OnePlace will be composed of 4 plug-and-play modules: 3D Energy Management System (EMS), Energy Efficient Cities, Living Energy Marketplace and Financing Energy Efficiency.

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Publication date
18 April 2023