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News blog17 April 2023

Adaptation Plan to Climate Change of the Abruzzo Region [IT]

Adaptation Plan to Climate Change of the Abruzzo Region [IT]

The Region of Abruzzo has developed, in coordination with the main national and EU working groups of the field (Italian State- Region Conference, Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy, FEDARENE), the guidelines for the realisation of the Regional Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC).

PACC is an important tool with the aim to provide knowledge of the territory from its vulnerability related to climate change and projections for the next decades, highlighting the risks and resilience opportunities. By this, regional governments can identify possible adapting measurements to climate change for the territory, defining a framework climate used by local administration as baseline scenario for the construction on their own adaptation strategies.

PACC foresees several activities. Between them, the regional Climate Profile has been established and the participatory process, involving all stakeholders of the territory, is currently ongoing. The Climate profile aims to evaluate climate change risks and vulnerabilities of the Region of Abruzzo. Meanwhile, the participatory process aims to share technical-scientific information with
regional stakeholders and identify and implement best practices and adaptation measures. In parallel, a communication and awareness campaign aiming at involving all citizens has been launched. The adaptation strategy was developed at the end of the participatory process in January 2018 with the Regional Plan of Adaptation to climate change.

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Publication date
17 April 2023