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News blog8 May 2023

Abruzzo Region Network of Education Centre for Environment: a reference for education

 Abruzzo Region Network of Education Centre for Environment: a reference for education

In Abruzzo Region, a dense network of more than 40 Education Centres for Environment (CEA, in Italian) has been developed. Spread throughout the region, CEAs constitute a unique reference to environmental education and sustainable development for citizens, schools, local authorities and enterprises.

With their own territorial vocation due to their geographical feature, CEAs represent the heterogeneity of the regional territory and implement projects and initiatives such as educational courses, didactical stay, training, realisation of communication and dissemination documents and tools, all of them with particular reference to the territorial contest where they operate.

As part of INFEA Abruzzo, the regional system for environmental information, training and education, these centres are legally recognised as of regional interest and all together constitute the network of Environmental Education Centres of the Abruzzo Region. The latter has a role in the support, stimulators and facilitators of the participatory and educational process.

Since the centres are spread throughout the regional territory, they are able to better connect with all stakeholders and citizens.

They have been involved in several activities in coordination with Abruzzo Region, in particular in the realisation of the guidelines for the regional plan of adaptation to climate change and in the education and awareness campaigns in the field of sustainable development and adaptation to climate change performed in the framework of the ongoing regional strategy and inside the Joint_ SECAP project (Interreg Italy-Croatia programme). These activities are monitored by the bodies of the Regional System for a continuous quality action.

The network of CEAs and their activities have been recognised as good practice by the Interreg Europe programme.


Publication date
8 May 2023