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News blog20 April 2023

Abruzzo Region: the Interregional Strategy of Sustainable Development of Abruzzo Region

 Abruzzo Region: the Interregional Strategy of Sustainable Development of Abruzzo Region

In 2018, Abruzzo Region has signed a protocol agreement with the Ministry of the Environment (MATTM) to develop a regional Strategy of Sustainable Development in the framework of the National Strategy of Sustainable  Development, with the aim to implement the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda (SDGs) for land resilience and economic, social, environmental development.                                                                                           

 In the framework of this commitment, Abruzzo is part of the Interregional Coordination Forum with other neighboring Italian regions to develop common activities related to resilience and sustainable reconstruction with respect to residential, infrastructure, socio-economic systems of the inner-city territories with high seismicity and also within the CReIAMOPA project (modernization of the Public Administration in a sustainable framework). The strategy is implemented with the support  of the Committee of Coordination of all Abruzzo Universities (CCRUA), to ensure the scientific support and cooperation for the implementation of the strategy, and the 44 Regional Education Centres (as part of INFEA - Information, Training and Environmental Education Italian network) spread throughout the regional territory, to better connect with all stakeholders and citizens and to disseminate and transfer new models, initiatives and actions.


The strategy of sustainable development of Abruzzo Region is interregional and interdisciplinary since it refers to the governance of the whole territory, environment and energy. In fact, it coordinates with the regional strategy of adaptation to climate change which is being developed through several tools, policies and instruments. Between them, it is worth to highlight the work that the Region is carrying out with all municipalities of the territory (305) to update the SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) developed within the Covenant of Mayors into SECAP (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan) according to a district logic (climate homogenous area).

As a matter of fact, Abruzzo Region has established a permanent task force, made up by representatives of all regional departments, with the aim to harmonize and coordinate all plans and programs. Last but not least, the sustainable strategy involves directly citizens and stakeholders to define the interventions to be implemented (meetings, conferences and consultations with experts and policy-makers from the regional and local governments).


Publication date
20 April 2023