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News blog18 April 2023

100% Renewables in Region Sud [FR]

100% Renewables in Region Sud [FR]

Considering the success of previous programs launched by the French Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Energy 2010 and AGIR) and the evolution of the national and international contexts, the Regional Council (PACA) now wants to go further in energy transition. The Region's new goal, adopted in December 2017, is to cover all its energy consumption with renewable production, including buildings, transports and industries.
The main ambition is to reduce consumption by -50% in the regional territory and to multiply renewable production by 10, amounting to a total of 100% renewable energy, and thus covering the remaining consumption.
Most of the production will be provided by photovoltaic panels and heat pumps applicated for instance to industries or to the sea. An ambitious action plan is going to be launched: support for electric vehicles, autoconsumption with solar panels, biomass uses and building renovation.

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Publication date
18 April 2023